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 You can’t shake the belief that you that you are not enough.


>For as long as you can remember, you have had the sense that you don’t measure up. A panicked feeling comes over you when you are reminded of how successful and happy people seem to be in comparison to you.  You don’t mean to be so hard on yourself, but every time you see friends’ pictures on Facebook you can’t help but feel inadequate.


For as long as you can remember, low self esteem has been a weird source of motivation. It’s pushed you to work hard to make sure that on the outside you look more put together than how you felt on the inside.  You would never want anyone to know how insecure you feel or how often you feel like ‘an impostor’.




Self Esteem Counselling in Halifax, Bedford, Nova Scotia

You hate hate living like this.  It’s exhausting.

You find yourself;

Saying ‘yes’ to everything to never let people down.

Working way too hard to be the best employee, friend and mom that you could be.

Never asking for help.  Ever.

Making sure to look like you have it all together on the outside, even though you are feeling like a complete mess on the inside.

But somehow it was never enough.   

Before long you started feeling inadequate once again, comparing yourself to everyone in your life and on social media.

Your mind whispering that you are a total fraud and failure.

But, you are afraid that if you quit trying to get the approval of others, you will feel unlovable and like a failure forever.

You worry that you’ll never feel like you are good enough at anything you do.

In your worst moments, you’re convinced that others will see you as the awkward, incompetent, boring person you think you are.

When you seek chronic illness counselling at Restore. Renew. Revive. in Bedford, Nova Scotia

Imagine what it would be like to be able to spend less time in your head criticizing yourself.

Or to be able to treat yourself with the same kind of grace and compassion that you extend to the people you really care about.

Think about the difference it would make in your life to feel confident enough to say ‘yes’ when it really works for you and not as a way to please others.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what to do with feelings of insecurity, self-doubt and embarrassment  when they show up so that they no longer control your life.

Therapy for chronic illness will help you to:

  • Quit beating yourself up for every mistake that you make
  • Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and telling yourself that you can never measure up
  • Be more willing to take on new or challenging things
  • Have confidence that you can navigate moments when you feel ‘less than’ without eating a whole tub of ice cream, spending a zillion dollars shopping online or endless hours scrolling Facebook.
  • Develop more kindness and compassion towards yourself

The Chronic Illness Therapy Process

Free Consultation:

Book a free 15-minute no-obligation call so we can chat more about working together.

It’s my hope that even before your first session you’ll feel like we can build a strong working relationship and move you from feeling stuck to thriving.  If I’m not the right person for you, I will point you in the right direction, so you can get the help you need.

I want you to be able to ask any questions you have about therapy with me, and anything else on your mind, so that coming for therapy doesn’t feel stressful.

First Session:

Our first session is 60 minutes long so that we can really get to know each other.

People are often really nervous to come to their first counselling session, so I want you know that it’s going to feel just like having a conversation with me.

We will talk about what’s been going on and look at how criticizing yourself and having low self-esteem has gotten in the way of living a vibrant life. We’ll get really clear about your goals for therapy. By the end of this session, we’ll have a plan for the way ahead and you’ll leave with some new things to try out between sessions.

Ongoing counselling sessions:

For the first 2-3 sessions, I generally meet with women weekly, so that we can build momentum.  You can expect each session to include talking about practical steps you can take to move in the right direction and learning new skills and strategies to get you there.

You can expect that I’ll be asking you to test these things out between visits so that you’ll be making progress even when we’re not with each other.

Once you start feeling more confident in the skills and strategies we have been working on, we will spread out our visits.  This will give you the chance to test out the things we’ve been working on as you live your life.

On average, I see individuals for 10-20 sessions over a period of time. Of course, this depends on you, your situation and how quickly change starts happening. This is something we will talk about together, because, ultimately, I want therapy to be something that adds to your life and doesn’t feel like one more stressful thing to do each  week.

More About Marcy Daniels MSW, RSW

There is growing evidence that what we need most is not actually self-esteem, but self-compassion.  
As a Registered Clinical Social Worker, I will help you grow in your ability to treat yourself with more gentleness.  My guess is that you often are kinder, more gracious, and forgiving to a friend – and maybe even to a stranger – than you are to yourself.  I’ll show you how self-compassion is the key to beating yourself up less and treating yourself with the same respect and care you extend to others.

Restore. Renew. Revive.  counselling & couples therapy helps women to quit living in the shadows of self-doubt and feel more able to take the kind of risks required to live a rich and fulfilling life. 

I serve women throughout the Halifax Region in person and via a secure online Telehealth platform throughout Nova Scotia.

Who Benefits Most from Chronic Illness Therapy

Chronic illness counselling is best for women who often feel like they are not good enough and their self-criticism is holding them back in life.

You will benefit from Self-Esteem Therapy if:
  • You are always finding faults in yourself
  • When you look at social media it makes you feel that everyone is smarter, prettier and more talented than you
  • You often don’t do the things you would like to do because you fear that you will fail
  • You are very familiar with feeling like you are not good enough
  • You try hard to be and look perfect, but you are exhausted from keeping on the mask
What Does Self-Esteem Therapy Cost?

My initial session fee is $160 and each session after is $160.

My services are covered by most insurance plans & employee assistance programs.  I also offer a limited number of reduced fee spots through Open Path Collective.

I am only able to directly bill certain plans with Blue Cross.  I will provide you with a detailed receipt for you to submit to your insurance or keep for income tax purposes.

I recommend you check your plan specifics before scheduling a session.

There are times when Self-Esteem Counselling might not be the best fit:
  • You have been given a diagnosis of PTSD, Bipolar Disorder or a personality disorder
  • You have been given the diagnosis of an eating disorder and have not received treatment for this
  • You are actively suicidal or are cutting as a way of coping
  • You are looking to be diagnosed with a condition or meet criteria other workplace evaluations (ie. short term disability)

If any of these apply to you, I can provide you with the appropriate referrals.

What are your office hours? Where are you located?

I am available for therapy sessions Tuesday – Friday 1 PM – 9 PM and Saturday 9-5.

My office is located across from the Sunnyside Mall in Sunnyside Place. I share a parking lot with the Riverside Pub.

The address is 1600 Bedford Highway. Suite 220,  Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 1E8

I serve women throughout the Halifax Region in person and via a secure online Telehealth platform throughout Nova Scotia.

Here are some of the ways I help women in my Bedford, Nova Scotia Counselling Office:


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Self Esteem Counselling in Halifax, Bedford, Nova Scotia


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Office Hours: Mon/Tu/Wed/ & Fri 2pm-9pm Thursday 9am-5pm Saturday 9am-5pm
Reception Hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

As a private clinic, we’re unable to handle emergency situations. If you are in crisis, please call the Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team at 902-429-8167 / 1-888-429-8167 (Toll Free), 911 or attend your nearest emergency department.
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