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couples who can’t stop arguing

Effective Online Counselling During COVID-19

Effective March 21, 2022 all my sessions continue to be held either online or by phone. My online platform is secure and easy to use from any device. There is strong evidence to suggest that online therapy is effective and I feel confident we can do good work together.

I offer daytime, late evening and Saturday appointment times. I want my schedule to be accessible for you.

If you have been impacted by job or income loss and this would keep you from getting the help you need, please let me know and I have a limited number of reduced fee ‘scholarship’ spots available until your financial situation changes.

Maybe therapy is not something you need right now but you are interested in support and encouragement. Scroll to the bottom of this page and sign up for my monthly newsletter.

Stressed & Overwhelmed Moms

Your days seem never-ending.

You feel like you have five jobs: mom, teacher, employee, house cleaner and chef, and no matter how tired you are, you’re always on the clock.

You try to catch a break by scrolling through you phone and all you see is social media perfection reminding you that everyone else’s kids are baking and making beautiful crafts.

Your kids are supposed to be doing math homework, but they’re just watching YouTube.

You feel stressed out, irritable and overwhelmed. You can’t shake the feeling that motherhood sucks right now.

Therapy gives you the boost you need to get through.


Anxious & Discouraged Women

Last night you work up at 2am; heart racing, feeling hot and disoriented trying to figure out if you were still awake or asleep.

These days you just can’t shut your mind off.

You’ve already told your brain to quit pulling this sh*t on you, but apparently it’s not listening.

All the changes and stresses over the past two years makes it so easy to just sit still and get stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts.

You feel like you’re your own worst enemy; your mind keeps hijacking your thoughts and pointing out all the things that might possibly go wrong as you try to navigate getting your life back to ‘normal’…..whatever that’s supposed to means.

You’ve tried, but you just can’t calm yourself down. You know you need more than your Headspace app and a glass of wine to get by.

Couples Who Can’t Stop Arguing

Your relationship can be challenging at the best of times.

But with the two of you in a romantic pressure cooker, holed up in your home during a society-shifting pandemic, you’ve got a recipe for some obnoxious arguments.

The issues that were plaguing your relationship before this all went down are still there.

But now, with no where to go, the bad habits the two of you have when you get into disagreements are adding to your stress.

You need to figure out how to communicate more effectively and quit bickering because you don’t want your marriage to implode.

help coping with COVID-19, online counselling in Nova Scotia

Hey, I’m Marcy,

Glad to meet you, even under these unusual circumstances.

It’s pretty surreal, huh?

Bet you never imagined a time when everything in your life would come to a grinding halt, well, except your kids never ending needs, the gnawing pit of anxiety in your stomach and the disagreements you have with your spouse.

If you’re looking for some help getting through this challenging time, I can give you the skills and encouragement you need.

Here are some of the ways I help individuals online:





Life Balance

help coping with COVID-19, online counselling in Nova Scotia

Here are some of the ways I help couples online:



Broken Trust



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