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Pre-Marital Counselling

Build a loving and lasting marriage.

You are wise enough to know that having a fantastic ceremony, great pictures and good food is a lot of fun, but you recognize that if you want to be ready to take on the challenges of life together you’ll need more than just that.

While there is no perfect marriage (we are all imperfect people, after all!), research suggests that couples who get pre-marital counselling report greater satisfaction than those who do not.

Pre-Marital counselling allows you to explore the values, beliefs and ideas you have about marriage in advance of your wedding day, ensuring that you start off your life together on the same page.

It can help you sort out important matters, like navigating tensions with parents, in-laws and family, your views on parenthood and finances.
By exploring your strengths and weaknesses with the help of a counsellor, it can give you more realistic expectations of your spouse and learn how to navigate disappointments when they arise.

I encourage you to invest in your relationship now, so that you can learn how to overcome the obstacles that will inevitably arise after you tie the knot.

Marriage is a wonderful gift, but that does not mean that after the wedding it is always easy to bring two very different people, from different backgrounds into a union of one.

After more than a decade of counselling hurting couples, I am convinced that it is vital to strengthen your relationship and learn how to thrive as a couple, even if you are not currently experiencing any problems.

Pre-marital counselling Packages


6x1hr sessions to help you grow as a couple and prepare for a strong and lasting marriage.

Session 1- Relationship history, identifying strengths, concerns & best hopes

Between Session 1 & 2 the Prepare/Enrich Inventory is completed online

Session 2-5 Reviewing results of Prepare/Enrich, guided discussion & exercises in including a special focus on any of the issues identified

Session 6 Individualized session focusing on couples needs as identified in sessions 1-5.

Investment $990 (includes Prepare/Enrich online Inventory + Customized Strength/Growth Report)


4x 1hr sessions to help you discover more about your partner and your expectations for your future together

Session 1-4 Reviewing results of Prepare/Enrich, guided discussion & exercises

Investment $660
(includes Prepare/Enrich online Inventory + Customized Strength/Growth Report)

* The Prepare/Enrich Survey will be sent to you and your partner to complete before the first session


There are some particular stresses or challenges in your relationship. Because of this, you already know the areas that you would like to focus on in your sessions. If you have particular a concern or need to resolve a certain issue prior to your wedding, this is the package for you.

Drawing on more than a decade of work as an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist, I’ll work with you to create a stronger sense of connection and intimacy in your relationship and address your particular concerns prior to your wedding.

We can meet for any number of sessions for an investment of $160/65 minute session.

More About Marcy Daniels MSW, RSW


Knowing the deep pain of feeling disconnected from someone you love propelled me to pour countless hours into becoming the best possible couples therapist I could be.  As a Registered Social Worker, I’ve spent the last decade developing my skill in marriage & couples counselling  through continuing education, training and hundreds of hours of working with couples.  My best hope is that I would be able to help you know the comfort and joy of a secure connection. 

My vision for Restore. Renew. Revive.  counselling & couples therapy is to offer couples the hope and help they need to transform their relationship struggles.  I serve couples who reside in the Halifax Region or who are willing to come to my Bedford office from elsewhere in Nova Scotia.

Here are some of the ways I help couples in my Bedford, Nova Scotia Counselling Office:

Improve Communication

Restore Intimacy

Rebuild Trust



7 days to Building a More Purposeful Life


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