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Rebuild Trust

You are devastated.  It feels like your reality has been shattered. Everything you thought you knew to be true now seems uncertain.

You  know that if the two of you are ever going to be able to make it, you’ll need to find a way to rebuild the broken trust. But when it comes to having these hard conversations, the two of you end up shouting at each other until someone storms off to another room.

Before this incident, you felt like you could rely on your partner to be honest with you. Sure, your relationship wasn’t perfect, but when things came up, were able to work through it.  But this is different.  You just can’t sweep what happened under the rug and move on. 

rebuild trust couples counselling in Bedford, Nova Scotia

You used to believe the best about your partner, but now you are not so sure he’s trustworthy.

Somewhere along the way he started leaving out details and telling half-truths. 

At first you weren’t sure if it was your imagination or if you were being paranoid.  You started to doubt yourself and wonder if you really were as crazy as he said. But that was before you found out the truth.

 Your worst fears have come true and you don’t know how you’ll ever recover from this pain.

You spend most of your time crying.  The rest of the time you’re feeling pissed.  How could this have happened?

You knew your relationship wasn’t perfect, and you knew couples had their struggles, but you never though you’d be dealing with your trust being broken. You never imagined you’d be betrayed by this person who you care about so much.

You have always felt that trust was the most important thing in a relationship. 

You swore to yourself that if it was ever broken, you’d leave.  

So, you certainly didn’t expect that you’d be open to marriage & couples counselling to help you rebuild trust.

When you seek marriage & couples counselling at Restore. Renew. Revive. in Bedford, Nova Scotia

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy  helps couples deal with painful feelings and negative patterns that exist in their relationship so that trust can be rebuilt.

I’ll help you make sense of what has happened between the two of you.  My role is to guide the conversation as you learn to identify and share your emotions,  rebuild a secure connection and facilitate the forgiveness process.

As painful as it is to talk about betrayls in your most important love relationship, this is a vital part of healing. 

I can help you rebuild trust, intimacy and connection in your relationship. 

In Marriage & Couples Therapy You Will:

  • Work towards rebuilding the trust that has been broken in your relationship
  • Find ways to heal from the pain that has been caused
  • Learn new ways to listen and stay in tune with your partner so trust can be rebuilt
  • Become more balanced and effective as individuals as a result of the changes in your marriage
  • Feel more secure and confident in the connection between you and your spouse

The Marriage & Couples
Counselling Process 

Free Consultation:

Book a free 15-minute no-obligation call so we can chat more about working together.

It’s my hope that even before your first session you’ll be confident that we can work well together. I want you to have the opportunity to ask about my training and experience if this would put your mind at ease. Or, to find out more about what a couples therapy session would be like. 

I want you to make sure you know about my office policies and location.  My hope is that by doing this ahead of time, it will make coming to therapy in my Bedford office a bit less stressful.

If I’m not the right person for you,  I will point you in the right direction, so you can get the help you need.

First Session:

Our first session is 70 minutes and will feel like a long conversation between the three of us.

I’ll explain in greater detail what to expect in couples therapy and explore the history of your relationship how your trust with each  other has broken down. 

 2nd & 3rd sessions: These sessions are individual sessions where you and your partner will meet alone with me. This will help me  find out more about your take on the relationship and find out more about the parts of your personal history that might impact your current relationship. This is best done in a 1:1 session with me, but I want you to know I won’t be keeping secrets and everything I learn is for the purpose of helping me to do my best work in the relationship.

Ongoing Therapy:

From our fourth session onwards, we will always work together as a team.  In the early stages of marriage & couples counselling, I generally meet with couples weekly.  This allows us to identify the ways in which you have gotten stuck and unhelpful patterns that are happening between the two of you that are contributing to your relationship problems.

In each session you can expect to deepen your connection with  your partner and repair the painful breach of trust that happened between you.  Through the practical work we do in session so you’ll be equipped for real-life situations and know how to handle tough conversations when they come up.  You’ll learn to communicate in a more vulnerable way so you can resolve difficulties together rather than feeling like the other person is the problem.

Once you start feeling closer and more connected, we will decrease the frequency of our appointments so you can take the skills we’ve worked on together and go out and live your life.  You will leave therapy feeling like you’ve got a partner who you can trust and know in your heart they’ll be with even through the challenging moments of life.

More About Marcy Daniels MSW, RSW

Knowing the deep pain of feeling at odds with someone you love propelled me to pour countless hours into becoming the best possible couples therapist I could be.  As a Registered Social Worker, I’ve spent the last decade developing my skill as a marriage & couples therapist through continuing education, training and hundreds of hours of working with couples.  My best hope is that I would be able to help you know the comfort and joy of a secure connection. 

My vision for Restore. Renew. Revive.  counselling & couples therapy is to offer couples the hope and help they need to transform their relationship struggles.  I serve couples who reside in the Halifax Region or who are willing to come to my Bedford office from elsewhere in Nova Scotia.

Who Benefits Most from Marriage & Couples  Counselling for Rebuilding Trust?

Marriage & Couples Counselling to rebuild trust is best for those who want to recover from a painful incident that has called into question their ability to trust each other. This type of counselling is best for couples who know they care about each other but are devastated by what has happened between them and are looking for help to navigate the potential ‘landmines’ as they rebuild their relationship.

You will benefit from Marriage & Couple Therapy to rebuild trust if:
  • You or your partner has recently revealed something  that caused you to stop trusting each other
  • You feel like your world has been turned upside down and you don’t know what is true anymore
  • You know that you want to rebuild trust but don’t know how to do it
  • Every time you talk about this break in trust you argue and get more upset with each other
What Does Marriage &Couple’s Counselling Cost?

My initial session fee is $210 and each weekly session after is $190.

My services are covered by most insurance plans.  I also offer a limited number of reduced fee spots.

I am only able to directly bill certain insurance plans on Blue Cross. I will give you a detailed bill to submit to your insurance or to keep for income tax purposes.

I recommend you check your plan specifics before scheduling a session.

There are times when counselling with me might not be the right fit:
  • Either you or your partner have an active or untreated addiction
  • You or your partner are physically violent or emotionally abusive toward one another
  • You know already that plan to leave your relationship and don’t want to reconcile.

If any of these apply to you, individual counselling with me may be helpful or I can provide you with the appropriate referrals.

What are your office hours? Where are you located?

I am available for therapy sessions                                    

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 3-9pm

Thursday 11am-7pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

My office is located across from the Sunnyside Mall in Sunnyside Place. I share a parking lot with the Riverside Pub.

The address is 1600 Bedford Highway Suite 220
Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 1E8

I am conducting all sessions online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I serve couples residing in Halifax Regional Municipality or who are willing to drive to my Bedford office for sessions.

Here are some of the ways I help couples in my Bedford, Nova Scotia Counselling Office:

Improve Communication

Restore Intimacy

Rebuild Trust

rebuild trust couples counselling in Bedford, Nova Scotia


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As a private clinic, we’re unable to handle emergency situations. If you are in crisis, please call the Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team at 902-429-8167 / 1-888-429-8167 (Toll Free), 911 or attend your nearest emergency department.
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